A few details that you have overlooked are exactly the cause of the damage to the hotel linen

The linen used by the hotel has a certain life, so the hotel laundry room in addition to the normal washing of cotton, but also do a good job of maintenance and maintenance of cotton, try to extend the service life, reduce its reported loss rate. If the extended use, there will be serious damage to the linen, put into use will affect the quality of hotel service.

The specific damage of the linen is as follows:

Cotton: small holes, broken edges and corners, flanged edges fall off, thin and easily broken, color becomes opaque, towel softness decreases.

Blend: color becomes cloudy, cotton part falls off, loses elasticity, edge and corner break, fold edge falls off.

When the above happens, linen should be considered the cause of timely replacement, generally speaking, the number of washing cotton goods is about: cotton sheets, pillowcases, 130~150 times; Blend (65% polyester, 35% cotton), 180~220 times; Towel class, 100~150 times; Table cloth, mouth cloth, 120~130 times. Or more often washing is set according to the international first-class hotel standard requirements, is tested, but not as an absolute standard, because of the industry at present “about linen and loss of life”, the relevant provisions of the above is only as a reference standard, specific for setting standards and requirements of each hotel scale is different.

Jiangsu natural wind uphold the spirit of craftsman in the extreme pursuit of perfection in the veil quality and bleaching and the two of the most important link, cloth based indicators to tensile strength (fabric) far exceeds the national standard classy article, more than 10% higher than the German standard, on the premise of ensuring comfort, more than 30% linen service life than their peers.

The first is the damage caused by washing, such as:

1. Wrong feeding time during washing. Can not feed in the machine under the condition of insufficient water, especially pay attention to bleaching chemicals, which is easy to concentrate detergent on the local linen and cause damage to the linen.
2. Improper use of bleach. The laundry room should be careful to use bleach detergent, especially bleach powder (chlorine bleaching agent). If the temperature is not appropriate, the concentration is too high, and the residue after washing is too much, it will lead to discoloration and even small holes in the cloth.
3. The linen is contaminated with corrosive chemicals. The various kinds of cleaning supplies, hotel use some is corrosive, especially some strongly acidic cleaner has much effect on the cotton fabric, if the waiter in the collection or clean the room, make careless cotton fabric with the cleaner didn’t immediately clean, can also lead to the local strength uneven and even damage of cloth grass fastness.
4. Misuse of detergent. Laundry cleaners are some chemical products, the need for certain knowledge and responsibility and correct use, otherwise there may be a wrong mix of washing products, or even the wrong feeding situation, will also lead to this result.
5. Mix and wash different grams of linen. Different linen square gram weight difference is too big, mixing and washing easy to cause local density is too large, leading to network break, once the network break will cause fatal damage to the linen. Conditional as far as possible separate wash, cannot avoid to be able to reach gram weight classification according to size really, bedsheet, quilt covers should avoid to mix with ground towel, bath towel as far as possible wash.
Secondly, there are mechanical and human reasons, such as:
1. The drum of the washing machine has burr or some parts are not smooth, which is likely to lead to the phenomenon of scraping or wear of the linen in the washing process, which is manifested as drawing and rewinding, and then the small hole appears and gradually expands.
2. The sorting work before washing is not serious, so that some sharp or hard debris is mixed in it, which causes damage when washing.
3. When loading the car or getting out of the machine before and after washing, the force is too heavy or the sharp objects are punctured or hooked.
4. When washing and dewatering, the cloth is not good or the high dewatering time is too long, the mechanical force leads to tearing, or the washing time is too short, the number of times is too few, the washing residue or the washing process is defective, and the residual alkali and residual chlorine are not neutralized and removed.
5. The quality of linen and its storage environment. Cotton goods must be stored away from moisture, the warehouse is well ventilated, the edge of the warehouse shelf should be smooth, and so on, at the same time, the cloth straw house should avoid pests and rodents.
6. In the use of the towel in the process of the guest’s fingernails, metal jewelry scrape drawing.
7. The cleaning staff of the hotel does not operate in a standard way. Disinfectant is a strong oxidant, with strong corrosive; Cleaning porcelain is generally hydrochloric acid, belongs to a strong acid, should try to avoid the amount of such solution and residual liquid contact with cloth, but also to avoid direct use as a rag.

Post time: Apr-21-2021