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Is a fully automatic washing machine the answer when it comes to cleaning bedding? Absolutely not! There are thousands of cleaning ways to print, carry and embroider bed products. There are also many misunderstandings in bed washing and care. Today, natural wind home textile and everyone will talk about all kinds of bed washing and care related knowledge.

First, the printing bed is forbidden to bleach.
Do not use detergent containing bleach ingredients, bleach has a strong decontamination ability, it is easy to cause the color of printing products.

Second, not long bubble.
Can not soak in water for a long time (generally not more than 1 hour), long-term soak in water, not only to the color of the quilt printing damage, at the same time too long soak will lead to fabric expansion deformation, shorten its service life.

Three, can not be exposed to the sun.
Exposure to the sun for a long time will also discolor the bedding and make the fabric brittle.

Jacquard, embroidery bed products wash care

1. First of all, turn out the inner side of the jacquard and embroidery quilt cover, and then put the Jacquard and embroidery side into the washing machine. Be sure to use gentle washing methods to prevent the embroidery silk thread from coming off, spinning, or even getting broken.

2. When it comes to embroidery bedding, always wash it individually, regardless of the capacity of your washing machine. Never put it in other clothes to avoid entanglement of other buttons or metal work. For products with decorative accessories, please take off the lace and trim before washing to avoid damage.

Before 3. Inwrought quilt is covered bask in, should draw quilt to be covered again air basks in, conditional family also should avoid dry as far as possible. As a result of the satin ribbon of quilt embroider is out of shape in drying process possibly, cause not beautiful. When ironing should pay attention to the low temperature warm
Bedding washing protect a few big errors

Alkaline cleaner or 84 disinfectant can accelerate the fading.
Many cleaners have said that they have a super decontamination effect, and in order to achieve a super decontamination effect, the alkaline detergent will be more; If you choose a strong decontamination effect, certainly not neutral detergent, even if written in the description is neutral detergent, or to choose carefully, otherwise easy to fade.
Some people like to use 84 to wash the bed, the direct result of this situation is a large area of yellow or discolored. As 84 disinfectant is a strong alkali material, it is corrosive to a certain extent. It can not only remove dirt or disinfect, but also wash the fabric white.
Some people also wash bedding, will directly drop detergent on the fabric, and then put water washing, this method is very wrong; The detergent has not been diluted by water, even if it is neutral, it is corrosive to a certain extent. Such drops on the cloth, to be fully diluted water, cloth local chemical reaction has taken place, make its fade or yellow.
So, a lot of times we will see the fabric faded, yellow, or white or local yellow.

Strong and persistent washing will only make the fabric thin.
Usually busy time, wash the bed to want 1 month or so generally, worry about washing not clean, generally choose to wash more than once, this method is not desirable!
The ceaseless development that accompanies home spinning new fabric, such as pure cotton, day silk, hemp silk, plush, bamboo fiber, polyester cotton has become the bed material that we commonly use, and as a result of its bibulous ability, strong force, hold resultant force, the respect such as fibrous change has very big difference, because this is different to the requirement of washing time also.
For example: Tencel, bamboo fiber, Modal and other fabrics are smooth, the fiber holding force is poor, the fibrillation degree is high, the wetting force is low, if the washing time is too long, by the mechanical strength, the fabric stitching appears thin edge (washing broken) phenomenon, especially the mat class is more serious.
Therefore, the best way is, laundry time control in 40 minutes or so, the best choice of conditional hand wash or wash with laundry bags. The fabric will also appear fibrosis problem: pilling! The raw fabric is smooth and the fibers begin to bristle and intertwine into balls of wool.

Hot water does not remove dirt, it only strengthens it.
Many people think that heat is a way to remove dirt, but you’re wrong. If a lot of dirt is simply washed with high temperature without knowing what the substance is, the result may be permanent dirt that can never be washed off. Do not use hot water for any substance such as sweat, milk or blood stains.

Exposure to the sun will only accelerate fabric dyeing and aging.
Usually wash the bed product, the older generation will say: today wash the bed product, a big sun! It seems that only the sun is out, and it is a good time to wash the bed, but this idea is wrong.
Not so much material is different, rather than ordinary cotton fabric, exposure to the sun is easy to lead to fading (white and yellow), shrinkage increase (because cotton water absorption capacity is strong, suddenly high temperature drying, easy to lead to shrinkage); It is better to say that the material with strong water absorption capacity, such as silk, modal, hemp, etc.; And silk turns yellow and brittle when exposed to the sun.

Post time: Jul-21-2021