How Do I Choose the Best Bath Towel?

How Do I Choose the Best Bath Towel?

Choosing the best bath wrap is a non-complex process that involves checking absorbency, durability, size and weight and warmth. Supports and fasteners matter as well, as people come in all shapes and sizes and need a bath wrap that will stay on as they go about other after-bath activities. As with any garment, the color and design of the bath wrap should match the wearer, both physically and in attitude.

The most important element of selecting the best bath wrap is looking at the material from which the wrap is made. The goal typically is to find a material that is as absorbent as possible, especially if a person intends to use the wrap as a substitute for a regular towel. Cotton terry bath wraps often are a good choice from this perspective. Terry means the fibers are looped, which allows them to hold extra moisture. These are not the ideal if a person wants a robe that looks smooth, — velour is better in that area.

Related to the material is durability, because a bath wrap inevitably gets wet with use and therefore needs to be washed. Thus, the best wraps are those that can stand up to the constant abuse of the washing and drying. Ones that require hand washing or that will lose shape with the heat of the dryer are not good choices.

Size is next important. Many bath wraps are designed to be one-size-fits-all, and although these wraps may work for most people, they can be overwhelming on petite individuals and too tight or short on heavier or taller individuals. For ladies, a wrap that comes at least to mid-thigh usually is big enough to keep the wearer warm, maintain a little modesty and dry off sufficiently. For men, around knee length is good.

Another consideration for selecting the best bath wrap is the weight and warmth of the wrap. Some wraps are woven extremely tightly or with double the amount of yarn (two-ply). They don’t breathe as well, which is a good quality in the dead of winter, but it’s not what most people want in the heat of summer. The heavier the wrap, the more bulk it usually has.

Next, check the supports and fasteners. Some bath wraps have full straps, which can be good for smaller-chested women whose breasts will not support the wrap and keep it in place. It’s also common for a wrap to have just a small ribbon of elastic at the top to hold the wrap on. Others use buttons. Tie or velcro fasteners provide the greatest degree of customization, but both can come undone or catch and tangle.

Color and design is also important. Ideally, the bath wrap should compliment a person’s natural skin and hair tone. At the same time, the bath wrap should reflect the personality of the wearer.

Post time: Apr-02-2021