How often should bedding be washed?

Most of us can’t leave our beds every night. The bed is the place where we recover and fall asleep. And sheet bedding, can be said to be the article that contacts closely with us every night, need to maintain relaxed and comfortable from beginning to end for sure neat, so how long is sheet clean better? Today the natural wind home textile and you have a chat!

Do you understand? Once a week wash sheets, which contain the number of mites in the hundreds of millions. Because the sheets, covers, pillowcases and our close supplies, every sleep, your body’s dead skin, garbage and other dirty things will fall on the sheets, which has become a huge “mites culture medium”, that is to say every day, the number of mites on your sheets in geometric multiple increase.
What health problems can mites cause if your bedding is not washed for a long time?

One, cause papular urticaria, acne and other skin diseases
Can cause human allergies, cause papular urticaria, itching hard to endure. If grasped by hand, it may also cause skin ulceration. In addition, acne on the face is also inseparable from mites.
Two, induce allergic asthma or rhinitis
The excrement of mites is swept into the air through dust and inhaled by the human body. If it is long enough, it is easy to induce allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma.
So how often should bedding be washed?

If the spring and autumn season, the temperature is the trend that shows rise gradually, the quilt needs to change wash frequently a bit, two weeks change one bedding is the most appropriate frequency. If it is summer, our body is easy to sweat in summer, and the summer climate is relatively humid, the sheets are dirty for a few days, so it is best to change once a week in summer. Finally, winter, because of the low temperature in winter, the bacterial reproduction is slower, you can clean once a month.
Some people feel, it is OK to clean bedsheet pillowcase, pillow core need not clean, this talk exactly accurate? In fact, it is not accurate, the saliva, sweat, and dust, dander, oil on the head when sleeping, easy to penetrate into the pillow core, thus breeding dust mites and bacteria. Accordingly, pillow core also wants every 2 months to wash. If it is latex material can not be cleaned, it is best to use the sun and beat once a week, 1-2 years later, the life of the pillow core has come to an end, need to replace a new pillow core ~

Natural wind home textile several suggestions to you:
First, mites are difficult to survive in an environment above 60 degrees, so if machine washing, you can choose a soft washing method above 60 degrees. Rinse after thoroughly mixing hot water and liquid detergent. Or soak it in boiling water before washing it;
Two, the appropriate disinfectant can play the role of sterilization, choose a softer;
Three, exposure time, 3 hours for the best, can choose between 10 to 15 points.

Post time: Jul-14-2021