How to choose bedding fabrics ?

In fact, the fabric material is very much, the natural wind home textile and we say that there are those fabric material!

A, cotton
These categories are the largest and most popular. There are mainly long staple cotton and fine staple cotton, and coarse staple cotton has been eliminated
Long staple cotton: Egyptian cotton > horse cotton > Xinjiang long staple cotton Advantages: hygroscopic, warm, antistatic, heat resistant, relatively sanitary.
Disadvantages: poor elasticity, deformation is not easy to recover, easy to fold, shrink, sticky hair

Second, the hemp
In bed linen, mainly linen.
Advantages: high strength, good softness, fast water absorption, high rate of expansion after moisture absorption, fast water distribution, anti-decay, wear resistance, bacteriostatic, anti-ULTRAVIOLET radiation, small electrical conductivity, fast heat dissipation, not easy to burn, etc.
Disadvantages: catkin, easy to wrinkle, dimensional stability is poor, close to the prickly hard feeling.
Third, tencel
Tencel is a synthetic fiber, which is produced by solvent spinning with conifer pulp as raw material.
Advantages: high strength, comfortable, soft drape, unique touch, strong hygroscopic.
Disadvantages: under the hot and humid environment, the fabric material will become slightly hard, no elasticity, easy to fluff after washing.

Four, chemical fiber
To put it bluntly, various kinds of velvet, coral velvet, diamond velvet, velvet, crystal velvet, gold mink velvet, milk velvet, rabbit velvet, lamb velvet and so on, most of which belong to the chemical fiber through processing or mixed textile fabric material.
Advantages: cheap, warm, durable, wrinkle resistant, no need to iron, not afraid of mildew.
Disadvantages: airtight, easy to produce static electricity, some direct contact with the skin harmful.

Five, the silk
Silk is silk, tussah silk or mulberry silk is one of its raw materials.
Advantages: comfortable, good touch, heat resistant, close-fitting, green environmental protection.
Disadvantages: easy aging, easy to fade, expensive

Post time: Jul-28-2021