Live up to our original aspiration! Jiangsu Natural Wind Shenzhen Exhibition is a complete success!

When the camera drops to Shenzhen in early summer, there is a carnival from a group of hotel practitioners. At the same time, a like-minded hotel clothesman’s dream journey also begins here.
On May 26, 2021, China International Hotel Investment Franchise and Franchise Series Exhibition was officially held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Jiangsu natural wind textile co., LTD with a number of strength products appeared in the booth B161, bringing multiple surprises for merchants. Adhering to the theme of “transformation”, Jiangsu Natural Wind launched the fashionable “Butterfly Change” booth, professional one-to-one consultant, Douyin online cloud live broadcast and other services. The service of natural wind continues to upgrade, constantly changing and increasing.
For a long time, natural wind has appeared in many exhibitions. But this time, it was definitely different. Because this exhibition is the first appearance of Jiangsu Natural Wind after its 20th birthday! Natural wind uses a new design concept to plan the booth. Whether it is creative modeling light box, or the collocation and display of a variety of products, it presents the sincerity of natural wind in all directions. The theme of this booth is named “Butterfly Change”. A butterfly breaks the cocoon and spreads its wings to fly. The natural wind at the age of 20 is just like a butterfly spreading its wings to fly, showing full vitality. 2021 new “Butterfly Change” Jiangsu natural wind, Shenzhen Exhibition is coming for you.
Every year at the exhibition site, the natural wind booth is always surrounded by a lively team of visitors. In order to optimize the customer experience, Jiangsu natural wind specially selected Changsha, Xi ‘an, Beijing, Nanning, Guangzhou and other offices of the sales brother. The little brothers are full of spirit and provide intimate one-to-one consultant guidance to each visiting customer, so that each visiting customer leaves with a smile and satisfaction. Here’s a sneak peek:



In this exhibition, Jiangsu natural wind one-stop linen project dressed up appearance, attracted many customers. According to the different needs of hotel linen, natural wind wants what customers want, urgent customers urgent, launched a one-stop linen project, customers can get one-stop linen solutions in natural wind. First-class design, fashion linen decoration, collocation covers different scenes of special linen and all room supplies, choose natural wind linen one-stop solution, let the natural wind team to help you redefine the new concept of linen.
New mode, new scene, new products, natural wind “one-two punch”, ushered in the exhibition scene hot popularity, experience consistent praise, industry peer recognition…… Choose natural wind to make your hotel more colorful!

Post time: Jun-03-2021