The home spins common sense: towel use time

Do you know why towels become hard after being used for a while? That’s because the fatty acids on the skin stick to the towel and then combine with calcium and magnesium ions in the water. This is a proof that your towel should be disinfected.
Today we’re going to talk about something we use every day, but it’s often overlooked — towels. Is your towel clean enough? How often do you change your towels? In this regard, Xiaobian to visit and get the reflection is that most of the elderly will wait for the old, broken and then throw, and even some people with dirty, hard to replace; Most people who are younger will change their towels every two to three months. Do you know how many secrets are hidden in towels like this?

One experiment has been done on towels that are two, one, and three months old. A corner of each of these towels is snipped and sampled, and then saline is introduced for a 24-hour culture of bacteria. After 24 hours, the results showed that the two-year-old towels had a dense colony of more than 100 million bacteria. A year-long towel can contain millions of bacteria; And towels that have been used for three months have hundreds of thousands of bacteria. This kind of experiment can not help but make people feel spooky, just one corner of the towel unexpectedly has so many bacteria, it can be seen that the towel use time and bacteria are proportional.

Some people may feel that their towels have been used for a long time without discomfort. So what does the bacteria on these towels do to the human body? Experts say most of the bacteria on the towels are streptococcus and staphylococcus, as well as some mold and fungal infections. Staphylococcus infection easily causes abscess sores. Streptococcus infection is easy to cause local skin and soft tissue infection; Fungal infection is to be able to appear after tinea of the body.

World Health Organization has a recommendation: towels should be replaced once a month. In addition, more detailed recommendations are: three for men (one for washing face, bath and foot), and four for women (one for washing face and foot, and one for bathing during menstrual period and one for non-menstrual period). Towel had better undertake high temperature disinfection once a week, disinfection time again 20-30 minutes, and air bask in dry, ventilated, sunny place.

Post time: May-27-2021